Valuation Service

Wegmann Real Estate provides comprehensive high quality valuation services for the real estate and mortgage servicing industry. With over twenty six years in the real estate business. Wegmann Real Estate has extensive experience marketing, pricing and selling property in South Florida market.

Our philosophy is to provide precise, clear and reliable information to the industry.

Each of our services will be preformed by an experienced real estate professional with first hand knowledge of the market.

As a trusted partner within the real estate business, Wegmann Real Estate strives for a high standard of service and constantly works to improve our results. We take pride in the professional ethics that we uphold in our business and stand behind our commitments and achieve results.

Wegmann Real Estate provides Valuation Services including:

  • Property Valuation Services
  • Pre and Post forclosure inspection for property condition verification
  • Cost effective External Property Inspection

  • Valuation Services

  • REO Services

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